Speak Conversationally

Fluent Mandarin in 6 Weeks

Without Having to Memorize Characters

By Leveraging Your Existing Cantonese

But Is My Cantonese Good Enough...?

Well you don't need to know how to read and write... and generally, we say that as long as you can speak at the most basic level, it is good enough to help you accelerate your Mandarin learning.

At the same time, "basic" means different things to different people... So the best way for us to see if or how we can actually help you is by having a quick, free call to gauge your Cantonese level (just to see if we could even help)

This is For You If...

  • you're tired of feeling like the ONLY chinese person who can't speak Mandarin

  • you're tired of feeling like there's a language barrier with your own people

  • you're tired of feeling like you're missing out on opportunities

  • you're tired of using the basic apps and classes made for English Speakers

  • you want to Learn Mandarin AND Improve your Cantonese




Stop Feeling Like the Only One Who Can't Speak Mandarin

Ready to Finally Speak Mandarin?

Real Successful Stories Of Our Alumnus

Ready to Finally Speak Chinese?

How Can We Help?

Meet Sheldon Ho

and his incredible team - Their mission? To help Cantonese speakers, just like you, master Mandarin effortlessly by tapping into your Cantonese roots.

It all started in college when Sheldon was personally shamed by his partner's family for being unable to speak Mandarin. He struggled with Mandarin, trying everything from tutors to college courses and language apps, but nothing worked. In the end, his lack of Chinese skills costed him his relationship, as her parents would not approve of him.

But after years of hard work and plenty of trial and error, he cracked the code to learn Mandarin quickly and efficiently as a Cantonese speaker.

Sheldon and his over 500 students include all sorts of high achievers, from accountants and doctors to engineers, actors, real estate investors, and business owners.

Today, Sheldon wants to share his wisdom with you, minus all the mistakes, so you can learn quickly and easily with his Copy and Paste Method to learn Mandarin.

Stop Feeling Like the Only Person Who

Can't Speak Mandarin

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don't Have Any Experience. Is This Course For Me?

The Canto to Mando Blueprint is designed for Cantonese Diaspora meaning Cantonese Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc. You do not need to already be fluent in reading and writing Chinese. If you speak even a little bit of Cantonese, and you want to improve your Cantonese and learn Mandarin at the same time, this program may be able to help.

It is not designed for native Cantonese speakers who grew up in Guangzhou, Macau, or Hong Kong who already speak perfect Cantonese, can read and write at 100% fluency, and who already speak Mandarin and just want to improve their Mandarin.

I Am Too Old/Too Young, Will This Work For Me?

Age is a relative number. Our students range from college students to seniors in their 70s. As long as you have access to a phone, a computer and the internet, you will be able to learn.

How Is This Program Different From Other Chinese Learning Programs?

This program is built by Cantonese speakers FOR Cantonese speakers. It is different from the basic one-size-fits-all apps and classes that are made exclusively for English speakers. If you speak even a hint of Cantonese, you should not be learning at the same pace or in the same way as someone with no Cantonese background.

I've Tried Other Courses And Didn't Get Results, How Do I Know This Will Work?

Sheldon has taken many Chinese courses in schools and online. So, he truly understands why people feel “STUCK” even after taking multiple courses. Sheldon has resolved both his own and Alumni’s concerns so that you don’t have to get “STUCK” again. As long as you speak even a little bit of Cantonese, we can see if we can help.

Most Of Your Students Are In The USA, Will This Work For Someone Living Outside The USA?

Our group is growing fast globally, and we have students in Canda, UK, Paris, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, and more. No matter where you are in the world, you will have access to all the same material.

How Much Does The Course Cost? What Does That Include?

There are different program price options to choose from, depending on your learning style and experience. You will see the program price options once we see if we can even help you out in the first place.

Can I Speak With You 1-1?

Yes, you can speak with Sheldon and his team on a strategy call, but the time slots are very limited. Click the “FREE CONSULTATION” button below to choose a time, fill out the application form thoroughly, and schedule the call with the team.

DISCLAIMER: Results cannot be guaranteed due to them being dependent on each and every student. Any results stated above are those of certain students who used the program as intended combined with their own dedication and/or work ethic. In using the program and webinar, you may achieve results better, equal or worse than other students depending on various factors such as: study pattern, motivation, work ethic, past experiences, dedication and etc.... We cannot guarantee results

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See If You Can Use Your Cantonese to Help You Learn Mandarin Faster

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